Sam Spano (b. 1987)  is a visual artist based in Oakland, California. He received his BFA from the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University (2009) and his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute (2015).

Pulling images from real life experiences and a range of photographic source material, Spano creates stylized paintings and drawings that frequently feature women, men, animals and food. Expressively rendered with a particular focus on bold colors, composition and surface texture, the people in his paintings are often caught in the middle of introspective solitary moments, mundane daily activities, or surreal dream worlds. Animals are featured as playful and loyal companions, psychological projections of the figures in the paintings, or avatars for the artist himself. Food is represented in unusual but sensually colored still lives where the inanimate seems to have an emotional life all its own.  Consistently, Spano’s work is humorous and romantic, resting in the place where the mundane becomes the fantastic.

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